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Liposuction Santa Ana & San Clemente

Liposuction is the 2nd most common cosmetic surgical procedure in America and involves the removal of fat cells from the body. The main reason to do liposuction is to remove fat that is resistant to other forms of treatment such as diet and exercise. While Liposuction will not replace a healthy diet and lifestyle, it can work in tandem making you feel and look better.

How does liposuction work?

Here at our Santa Ana location, Orange County liposuction patients get the most precise technique in Liposculpting with Tumescent anesthesia and fine small cannulas to achieve the greatest patient satisfaction. Dr. Roham uses Tumescent anesthesia which contains sterile saline to which lidocaine a local anesthetic and adrenalin and a buffer bicarbonate are added. This solution is then infused into the fatty areas making fat cell extraction easier, less traumatic, and smoother.

This technique also results in constriction of blood vessels and numbness of the area resulting in a painless liposuction procedure without any bleeding or discomfort.

A tiny incision is made in an inconspicuous location on the skin, a small liposuction cannula is inserted under the skin and the fat cells are removed. The result is a re-sculpting of bulging area into a more desirable and attractive contour.

A visit with Dr. Roham will inform you as to your candidacy for Liposuction. You should have firm elastic skin and be in good health. Patients with distinct areas of localized fat or bulges can be treated with Liposuction for appealing and satisfactory results. Other common areas for Liposuction are thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, chin, neck, jowls, and arms.


Liposuction and Weight Reduction

Liposuction is not a weight control procedure, success will be measured in inches not pounds. Weight removal is far less important than the contours that result from the procedure. The Tumescent Liposuction procedure removes fat cells to improve body contours.

In the majority of cases, one procedure is sufficient. However, some patients may require a second procedure to perfect and fine tune a particular area. It should be noted that liposuction is not a treatment for cellulite although many patients notice an improvement in cellulite after fat cells are removed.

Male Liposuction

Diet and exercise go a long way towards reducing the “gut” but liposuction can offer a more rapid and predictable result. Liposuction for men generally includes the love handles, back, abdomen and chest. The average male skin contracts better than a woman’s skin and etching techniques can define the “six-pack” the pectorals and the waist area. Refining the male torso with liposuction can result in significant definition that diet and exercise alone will not accomplish. 40-60% of men have a condition called “gynaecomastia.” This condition is caused by excessive fatty tissue in the chest giving the appearance of breasts and can be very embarrassing. This condition can be treated with liposuction and patients report a high level of satisfaction with this procedure.

Dr. Roham’s use of the Tumescent Technique is now the world standard. This procedure results in improved surgical safety. Following the procedure, a patient will wear a supportive garment for six weeks. Vigorous exercise should be avoided for 2-4 weeks; however, daily walking and non-physical labor is encouraged.

In week one, the patient may notice the area that was treated by liposuction is numb and bruised, this will subside over the next few weeks. This may result in a delay for the contouring to become evident.

Possible Complications

While complications associated with liposuction are uncommon, they should be discussed. The most common complications are: Contour irregularities or inadequate fat removal. Although uncommon Dr. Roham can easily treat this issue with a liposuction “touch up.” Other possible complications include; blood or fluid collection, numbness or decreased skin sensation, infection or slow healing incision site.

The final results of the tumescent liposuction will depend on several factors. The first is the patient’s own body type, fat distribution, skin elasticity and muscularity. The second and most important is the artistic sensitivity of the surgeon combined with extensive experience. At Advanced Laser & Cosmetic Center, we invite you to visit us at our cosmetic surgery Orange County location for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Roham to determine your candidacy for this procedure and to learn more about our facility. Potential patients are also encouraged to learn more about other procedures offered such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and Brazilian butt lift.