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Male Cosmetic Procedures Santa Ana & San Clemente

Advance Laser & Cosmetics offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures for both males and females. As an experienced Orange County cosmetic surgery professional, Dr. Tim Roham has developed the skills and aesthetic eye to provide high-quality treatment to males seeking cosmetic enhancement. Learn more about the male cosmetic surgery procedures available at his San Clemente practice, serving Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, and the greater Orange County area.

Gynecomastia / Breast Liposuction

Breast-LiposuctionGynecomastia also called male breasts is an abnormal development of mammary glands in males which results in breast enlargement. Gynecomastia has various types including saggy and fatty breasts, puffy nipples, and asymmetric/unilateral gynecomastia. Male breast is a common condition that…
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Liposuction / Liposculpture

Liposuction_maleLiposuction is the 2nd most common cosmetic surgical procedure in America and involves the removal of fat cells from the body. The main reason to do liposuction is to remove fat that is resistant to other forms of treatment such as diet and exercise. While Liposuction will not replace a healthy diet and lifestyle, it can work in tandem making you feel and look better…
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Face Lift

Face-Lift_male Aging is a multifactorial process and to have a natural rejuvenated look one must address all the different aspects of aging. The three contributing factors of aging are:

  • Loss of facial volume (addressed by fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and autologous fat transfers)
  • Skin wrinkling and age spots (treated with peels and lasers)
  • Face and neck sagging and drooping (improved by a lifting procedure
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Neck Lift

Neck-Lift_maleA neck lift procedure normally takes 2 to 3 hours to perform. If it is combined with other procedures, as it often is, the surgery will take longer.Anesthesia will be started. The type used should be the one you discussed with our doctors. Effects of the anesthesia are felt soon after the IV sedative is administered.

If you are having a “skin-only” neck lift, the surgeon will usually make two incisions under or behind the ear, and then loosen the skin, redrape it, and remove excess skin. If you are having…

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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid-Surgery_malBlepharoplasty is a general surgical term that includes many different procedures all aiming to improve and rejuvenate the eyes. Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed today. Eye lift or eyelid lift adresses the droopy upper eyelids…
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